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Granite Cleaning & Sealing

GraniteMax.net in Austin, TX utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce the most durable and effective tile cleaning process on the market by using color sealing. GraniteMax.net in 78701 understands that granite is a natural stone and must be treated with special care. GraniteMax.net in Austin, TX knows that there are many types of granite and that it requires periodic sealing. However, not all types of granite should be sealed. Granite that needs sealing will absorb water and other liquids if not properly sealed.

78701 Tile Floor Care

Once GraniteMax.net in 78701 seals your granite, they will then clean it to prevent buildup of dirt and grime. Sealing your granite counter can preserve its beauty. GraniteMax.net in Austin, TX will seal your granite counter, marble or natural stone tile to avoid costly repair or replacement. Natural stone such as granite, marble and other tile are beautiful in a home or business and many people think they are maintenance free, but they are not. Chemicals such as ammonia and household cleaners can do great damage to granite and marble and without sealing other stone tiles stains such as coffee or oil can seem all but permanent. Simple cooking ingredients such as lemon juice and vinegar can mar that beautiful granite or natural stone counter. Our professionals at GraniteMax.net in 78701 always strive to maintain superior service at unbeatable prices.



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